With Great Care We...

Get Your Small Business Back On Track. 50% Acquisition & Partner
Grow Your Small Business. Merge or Captial Loan
Buy Your Small Business. Save Fees & Time

You Want a Hand

You Want To Grow

You Want To Sell

What Do We Do? How Do We Help?

If you own a Calgary small buinesss. Let us help. We specialize in partnering with Calgary small business owners…

  • You get cash for 50% of your business
  • You get a strategic business partner
  • You get more time with family and your hobbies
  • You get profits and more profits 

 Here are the highlights…

  • Your Problems Are Our Problems. We WILL fix your small business
  • We’re Focused On Your Success & Very Hands On
  • We Will Create Systems To Give You Time With Family and Loved Ones
  • Experienced To Help Save Or Increase Business
  • Just Want Out? Sell. Take The Cash & Walk Away
  • Retiring? Let Us Be Your Legacy

What We Are Currently Looking For...

  • 500,000+ CDN Gross Revenue

  • In Business For At Least 5+ Years

  • At least 3+ Employees (No One Man Shows)

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