Bespoke Business Consulting

Every Small Business Is Different. We Are Hands On & More A Partner Then a Consultant

With Great Care We Can Help

Get Your Time Back. No More 60 Hour Weeks
Fix Any Cashflow Issues. No More Stress To Pay Bills
Help With Staff Management. HR Can Be Easier
Increase Customers. Sales Means More Revenue
Advise On Technologies. We Know How To Use Technology

Get A Second Set Of Eyes On Your Small Business

Kepka & Associates knows small business. With over 20 years of experience helping small business owners reach their potential. We are hands on and involved to make sure your business thrives.

You will get more down time. You will earn more money and your business will hire more people, helping the economy. Let’s talk for 20 minutes and see if we can help. Get a second pair of eyes on the issue and a fresh perspective.

A Little About Us

Kepka & Associates is a small group of independent entrepreneurs that help, advise and consult with and for other small to medium businesses.

With over 20 years of experience running successful businesses, we can help. We have seen it all and therefore can advise and consult you to make the right moves. We’ve even failed miserably so know what not to do.

Having sold and bought businesses we can also help set things up for an acquisition in the future or even buy your business when you want to sell.

Bottom line. Kepka & Associates is here for you and your business.

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A 20 Minute Call Might Change Your Business & Life

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